Stainless steel 17-7PH

Product Detail

Common Trade Names: 17-7PH,SUS631,S17700,07Cr17Ni7Al,W.Nr.1.4568

 17-7PH is austenitic-martensitic precipitation hardening stainless steel developed on the basis of 18-8CrNi, also known as controlled phase change stainless steel.At the solution treating temperature, 1900°F, the metal is austenitic but undergoes transformation to a low-carbon martensitic structure during cooling to room temperature. This transformation is not complete until the temperature drops to 90°F. Subsequent heating to temperatures of 900-1150°F for one to four hours precipitation strengthens the alloy. This hardening treatment also tempers the martensitic structure, increasing ductility and toughness

17-7PH Chemical Composition
C Cr Ni Si Mn P S Al
≤0.09 16.0-18.0 6.5-7.75 ≤1.0 ≤1.0 ≤0.04 ≤0.03 0.75-1.5
17-7PH Physical Properties
Density (g/cm3)  Melting point(℃)
7.65 1415-1450
17-7PH Mechanical Properties
Condition бb/N/mm2 б0.2/N/mm2 δ5/% ψ HRW
Solution treatment ≤1030 ≤380 20 ≤229
Precipitationhardening 510℃ageing 1230 1030 4 10 ≥383
565℃ageing 1140 960 5 25 ≥363

17-7PH  Standards and Specifications

AMS 5604, AMS 5643, AMS 5825,ASME SA 564, ASME SA 693, ASME SA 705, ASME Type 630,ASTM A 564, ASTM A 693, ASTM A 705, ASTM Type 630

Condition A - H1150,ISO 15156-3,NACE MR0175,S17400,UNS S17400,W. Nr./EN 1.4548

Bar/Rod Wire  Strip/Coil Sheet/Plate Pipe/Tube

17-7PH Available Products in Sekonic Metals

Inconel 718 bar,inconel 625 bar

17-7PH Bars & Rods

Round bars/Flat bars/Hex bars,     Size From 8.0mm-320mm, Used for bolts,fastners and other spare parts

welding wire and spring wire

17-7PH Wire

Supply in welding wire and spring wire in coil form and cut length.

Sheet & Plate

17-7PH sheet & plate

Widths up to 1500mm and lengths up to 6000mm,Thickness from 0.1mm  to 100mm.

17-7PH seamless tube & Welded pipe

Standards size and  customized dimension can be produced by us with small tolerance

inconel strip,invar stirp,kovar stirp

17-7PH strip & coil

Soft condition and hard condition with AB bright surface, width up to 1000mm

Fasterner & Other Fitting

17-7PH Fasteners

17-7PH materials  in forms of Bolts,screws,flanges and other fasterners, according to clients specification.

Why 17-7 PH?

• High tensile strength and hardness to 600°F
• Corrosion resistant
• Excellent oxidation resistance to about 1100°F
• Creep-rupture strength to 900°F

17-7 PHApplication field:

• Gate valves
• Chemical processing equipment
• Pump shafts, gears, plungers
• Valve stems, balls, bushings, seats
• Fasteners

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