Strip & Foil


Seknoic Metals Supply You Various Kinds of Strips and Taps/ Foil In Material of Nickel Based Alloys,Cobalt Based Alloys,Titanium Alloys and other Staniless Steel Strip and Foil

        • Strips Available Forms: Strip/Tapes,Foil

       • Manufacture ProcessVIR(Vacuum Induction Melting) -VAR(Vacuum Arc Remelting)-ESR(Electroslag)-Forging-Hot rolling rod -Semifinish-Finished

       • Delivery Condition: Solution Annealed, Aged. Soft, Harden

       • Surface Condition: Polished/Bright Strips

       • Dimentions: Width 6mm-600mm, Thickness:0.1mm-8.0mmm

       • Specification/Standards: ASTM, ASME, GB, JIS, GOST, DIN, etc.

inconel strip,invar strip, kovar strip

»»» Coblat Based Alloys Strip and Foil«««

Haynes188/GH5188, Haynes25/ Alloy L605UMCo50Waspaloy Alloys

»»» Precision Alloys «««

Invar 36(Ni36)Kovar( 4J29)3J01

»»» Soft Magnetic Alloy «««

Permalloy alloy(1J79.1J85)

»»» Titanium Alloys «««

Tianium Gr 1/ Gr2/ Gr4/ G5/Gr 9/ Gr23/ Titanium 6AI-4V

Our company Products Forms

Bars & Rods

Inconel / Hastelloy/ Monel/ Haynes 25/ Titanium

Seamless Tube & Welded Tube

Nickel/ Titanium Alloy tubes, U-bend /heat exchange tube

Bolt & screw

Inconel 601/ Hastelloy C22/Inconel x750/Inconel 625 ect

Sheet & Plates

Hastelloy/Inconel/ Incoloy/ Cobalt/Tianium

Strip & Coil

Hastelloy/Inconel/ invar/ soft magnetic Alloys ect


Inconel 718/Inconel x750/ Nimonic 80A

Wire &

Cobalt Alloy wire, Nickel alloy wire,Tianium Alloy wire

Flanges & fastners

Monel 400/ Hastelloy C276/ Inconel 718/ Titanium

Oil Tube Hanger

Inconel x750/ Inconel 718 /Monel 400 ect

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