Nickel Alloy Forging Flanges

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Hastelloy C276 FLANGE, Monel 400 flange, incoloy 825 flange, alloy 31 flange

Flange: also known as a flange or collar flange. Flange is a part that connects between shaft and is used for connection between pipe ends; it is also useful for flanges on the inlet and outlet of equipment for connection between two equipment.

It is widely used in basic projects such as chemical industry, construction, water supply, drainage, petroleum, light and heavy industry, refrigeration, sanitation, plumbing, fire fighting, electric power, aerospace, shipbuilding and so on.

Sekoinc  has rich experience in Producing  Special Alloys  Foring Flanges.

   Flange  Types :

→ Welding plate flange(PL)                →  Slip-on Neck Flange (SO)

→ Welding neck flange (WN)                      →  Integral flange (IF)

→ Socket welding flange (SW)                  →  Threaded flange (Th)

→ Lapped joint flange (LJF)                        → Blind flange (BL(s)


incoloy 825 flange, monel flange, Alloy 926 flange

 Main  Flange   Materials  We  Produce

        Stainless Steel :  ASTM A182

      Grade F304 / F304L, F316/ F316L,F310, F309, F317L,F321,F904L,F347

        Duplex Stainless Steel: Grade F44 / F45 / F51 / F53 / F55 / F61 / F60

    •    Nickel  Alloys :   ASTM B472, ASTM B564, ASTM B160

                Monel 400, Nickel 200, Incoloy 825Incoly 926, Inconel 601, Inconel 718

            Hastelloy C276Alloy 31 Alloy 20Inconel 625Inconel 600

    •    Titanium Alloys :  Gr1 / Gr2 / Gr3 /Gr4 / GR5/ Gr7 /Gr9 /Gr11 / Gr12

♦ Standards:

          ANSI B16.5 Class150、300、600、900、1500(WN,SO,BL,TH,LJ,SW)


Our company Products Forms

Bars & Rods

Inconel / Hastelloy/ Monel/ Haynes 25/ Titanium

Seamless Tube & Welded Tube

Nickel/ Titanium Alloy tubes, U-bend /heat exchange tube

Bolt & Nuts

Inconel 601/ Hastelloy C22/Inconel x750/Inconel 625 ect

Sheet & Plates

Hastelloy/Inconel/ Incoloy/ Cobalt/Tianium

Strip & Foil

Hastelloy/Inconel/ invar/ soft magnetic Alloys ect

High Temperature Springs

Inconel 718/Inconel x750/ Nimonic 80A

Wire & Welding

Cobalt Alloy wire, Nickel alloy wire,Tianium Alloy wire

Special Alloy Flanges

Monel 400/ Hastelloy C276/ Inconel 718/ Titanium

Oil Tube Hanger

Inconel x750/ Inconel 718 /Monel 400 ect

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