Bolts & Fasteners

Sekonic Metals United Professional Fasteners factory and now have a leading fastener processing and testing capabilities, production capacity of 600,000 / day, directly sold to American, German, Japanese, Taiwan-funded enterprises and domestic trains,cars,ships, power, chemicals, machinery, electronics,military, communications, instrumentation, and other industries.


(Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Nimonic, ect)Titanium Alloys, Cobalt Alloys and other Staniless Steel Alloys. Our Fasteners

Such as Bolts, Screws, Nuts, Washer,Ect,With Manil Material of Nickel Alloys

◆Fasteners Types: Hexagon flange bolts,Hexagon head bolts,Square head bolts,Hexagon cap screws,Heavy hex. screws, High strength bolts, Stud bolts and nuts,Double end studs,Threaded rods,Square nuts, Hex. nuts, Heavy hex. nuts,Round nuts, Slotted round nuts,Plain Washers, Flat washers etc

★ Bolts Stud bolts, hex head bolts, socket hexagon head screw anchor bolts, u – bolts, j bolts, mushroom head square neck bolts, t – head bolts, wing screw, eye bolt, eye bolt, foundation bolts, structural bolts.

★ Washer Plain washer, plain big & small od washer, spring lock washer, spring washer heavy duty, tooth washer,star washer, tab washer with one & two tab.

★ Nuts Hexagon nuts, hexagon coupling nuts, hexagon thin nut, square nut, hexagon castle nuts, self locking nut, hexagon domed cap nuts.

★ Screw Pan head slotted screws, cheese head slotted screws, countersunk head slotted screws, countersunk raised head slotted screws, pan phillipse head screw, countersunk phillipse raised head screws, slotted cheese trim head machine screws, socket head allen cap screws, allen countersunk socket head cap screws, socket head shoulder screws, socket head cap screw low head, hexagon socket set screw with flat point, hexagon socket set scews with cone point, hexagon socket set screw with dog point, hexagon socket set screws with dog point, hexagon socket set screws with cup point, imprial socket cap screws

★ Other Threaded rod, as per drawing and customers spec.

Thermal Power Fasteners -Bolts

Bolts Types

● Cylinder bolt   ● Compressor bolt  ● Positioning bolt  ● Hexagonal bolt  ● Balance bolt 


 ●R26   ●Inconel 718   ●Nimonic 80A  ●A193 B16   ●316 ●304L   ●20Cr1Mo1VTiB/VNbTiB   ●X22CrMoV12-1   ●2Cr12NiMoWV   ●1Cr11Co3W3NiMoVNbNB   ●1Cr11MoNiW1VNbN  

Professional advantages

Many kinds of raw materials can be used to produce professional fasteners according to customers' requirements.
Strict quality control: raw materials, heat treatment, production and processing, inspection of all aspects of traceability.

♦ Ring Types: 

Cylinder Gasket, Spherical Washer, Valve Seal Ring,Wahers

♦ Materias:

Inconel 718, Stellite Alloys, Alloy L605(C0350), Inconel X750,Nimonic 80A, Inconel 725, Hastelloy C22, Hastelloy C276,Ect


♦ Nut Types:

Hexagonal cylinder cap nut, Hexagon socket cylinder cap nut ,Round nut ,Notched Nut

♦ Professional advantages

Many kinds of raw materials can be used to produce professional fasteners according to

Strict quality control: raw materials, heat treatment, production and processing,
inspection of all aspects of traceability.

DIN Standars Materials:


ASTM Standards Materials :

SUS304、SUS305、SUS303、SUS310 、SUS321 、SUS347 、SUS316、SUS316L、 SUS316Ti、SUS317、SUS904L、 SUS318、SUS329、SUSF51、SUSF55、SUS442、 SUS446、SUS327、SUS302、SUS309、SUS310、SUS314、SUS310S、SUS330、SUS321H、SUS316H、SUS304H、SUS410S、SUS405、SUS416、SUS410、SUS430、SUS420、SUS431、SUS430F、SUS440B、SUS440C、SUS430Ti、SUS630 、SUS631 、SUS660 、A268、 A286、C-276、C-22、C-2000、C-4、B-2、B-3、G-3、G-30、2550、2507、2205、2520、2101、2304、904L、724L、725 ECT

International Standars Materials:

Invar36、Alloy42、Incoloy 800、Incoloy 800H、Incoloy 825、Inconel 600、Inconel 601、Inconel 625、Inconel 690、IncoloyA-286、Nimonic901、Hastelloy X、Nimonic75、Nimonic80A、Nimonic90、Inconel 718、Inconel X750、WASPALOY、Nickel 200、Nickel 201、Monel 400、Monel K-500、Hastelloy B、Hastelloy B-2、Hastelloy B-3、Hastelloy C-4、Hastelloy C-22、Hastelloy C-276、Hastelloy C-2000、Alloy20、Alloy904L、Incoloy 926、254SMo、654SMo、F51、F53、F55

Our company Products Forms

Bars & Rods

Inconel / Hastelloy/ Monel/ Haynes 25/ Titanium

Seamless Tube & Welded Tube

Nickel/ Titanium Alloy tubes, U-bend /heat exchange tube

Bolt & Nuts

Inconel 601/ Hastelloy C22/Inconel x750/Inconel 625 ect

Sheet & Plates

Hastelloy/Inconel/ Incoloy/ Cobalt/Tianium

Strip & Foil

Hastelloy/Inconel/ invar/ soft magnetic Alloys ect

High Temperature Springs

Inconel 718/Inconel x750/ Nimonic 80A

Wire & Welding

Cobalt Alloy wire, Nickel alloy wire,Tianium Alloy wire

Special Alloy Flanges

Monel 400/ Hastelloy C276/ Inconel 718/ Titanium

Oil Tube Hanger

Inconel x750/ Inconel 718 /Monel 400 ect

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