AWS A5.14 ERNiCr-3

Product Detail

Wedling Wire

ErNiCr-3(Inconel 82 UNSNO6082) Welding Wire

Weliding Wire Name: ErNiCr-3, Inconel 82 TIG/MIG Wire


 Form: MIG(15kgs/spool), TIG(5kgs/box)

♦ Size: Diameter 0.01mm-8.0mm

♦ Common  Size:0.8MM / 1.0MM / 1.2MM / 1.6MM / 2.4MM / 3.2MM / 3.8MM / 4.0MM / 5.0MM

♦ Standards: Conforms to Certification AWS A5.14 ASME SFA A5.14

Common Trade Names: ERNiCr-3,AWS A5.14:ERNiCr-3

ErNiCr-3 is a nickel-base alloy wire of 72Ni20C nickel-chromium molybdenum series.
The cladding metal has good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, high creep strength, stable arc, beautiful shape, good fluidity of molten iron, and excellent welding process performance.


ERNiCr-3 Chemical Composition













≤0.5 2.5-3.5 ≤0.03


2.0-3.0 ≤3.0
ERNiCr-3 Typical Welding Parameters
Diameter Process Volt Amps Shielding Gas
In mm
0.035 0.9 GMAW 26-29 150-190 Spray Transfer100% Argon
0.045 1.2 28-32 180-220
1/16 1.6 29-33 200-250
1/16 1.6 GTAW 14-18 90-130 100% Argon
3/32 2.4 15-20 120-175
1/8 3.2 15-20 150-220
ERNiCr-3 Mechanical Properties
Condition Tensile Strength MPa (ksi) Yield Strength MPa (ksi)  Elongation%
AWS reauirement 550(80) Not specified Not specified
Typical results as welded 460(67) 260(38) 28

ErNiCr-3  Standards and Specifications

S Ni6082 ,AWS A5.14 ERNiCr-3 ,EN ISO18274

Why ErNiCr-3?

Used for welding Inconel 600601690 alloy, Incoy 800800HT330 alloy, can also be used for steel surface surfacing of ErNiCr-3 wire weld metal has higher strength and good corrosion resistance, has good oxidation resistance at high temperature and high creep rupture strength.

ErNiCr-3 Application field:

ERNiCr-3 welding wire is widely used in dissimilar, material welding, such as Inconel series alloy, Incoloy series alloy welding, or Incoloy 330 alloy and wire, Monei series alloy and stainless steel and carbon steel welding, it can also be used for welding stainless steel and nickel-based alloy or carbon steel.

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