Cobalt Based Alloys

Cobalt based Alloys are metals with  more 15% cobalt and other metals such as nickel, chrome, and tungsten,Ect. which provides this material with great resistance to abrasion at high temperatures .Due to the high cost of these alloys, they are used where severe conditions prevail and require high temperature strength and hardness, they are  hard materials that is highly resistant to wear and corrosion, particularly at high temperatures. It is generally used as a component in alloys, due to its corrosion resistance as well as to its magnetic properties. It is widely used in oil & gas, machinery, wood cutting, automotive, paper and food processing industry etc

Cobalt is similar to nickel from the metallurgical point of view, as well as  nickel-based alloys, they are used in challenging environments including high temperatures and acids.

cobalt Contain

Sekonic Metals Main produce and Supply Following Cobalt Based Alloys.

Our company Products Forms

Bars & Rods

Inconel / Hastelloy/ Monel/ Haynes 25/ Titanium

Seamless Tube & Welded Tube

Nickel/ Titanium Alloy tubes, U-bend /heat exchange tube

Bolt & screw

Inconel 601/ Hastelloy C22/Inconel x750/Inconel 625 ect

Sheet & Plates

Hastelloy/Inconel/ Incoloy/ Cobalt/Tianium

Strip & Coil

Hastelloy/Inconel/ invar/ soft magnetic Alloys ect


Inconel 718/Inconel x750/ Nimonic 80A

Wire & Welding

Cobalt Alloy wire, Nickel alloy wire,Tianium Alloy wire

Flanges & fastners

Monel 400/ Hastelloy C276/ Inconel 718/ Titanium

Oil Tube Hanger

Inconel x750/ Inconel 718 /Monel 400 ect

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