Bars & Rods

Sekonic Metals Main produce and supplying Nickel based alloys bar and rod such as Inconel bar, Monel bar, Hastelloy bar, Cobalt based alloys bar and rod Such as,Haynes bar, Stellite bars ect, and Titanium alloy bar,Special stainless steel bars.with more than 20 years.

         Bar shapes:  Flat bar,Round bar, Square bar, Hexagon bar

         Surface condition: black bar,polished or bright bar  

         Dimension: Any size from 1/5 inch to 14 inch or 6.0mm to 350mm

         Length: Random length,or Cut length within 6000mm

         Size Tolerance: H9,H10,H11, or as standards and agreements 

         Heat treatment: Solution annealed, age harden, preticiption 

Sekonic Metals Main produce and Supply Following Alloys Bars

 Nickel Based Alloys-Inconel Bars

Inconel Bars are Applications for Heat Procssing stystem, Oil and Gas, Furnace Muffles, steam generator Ect. These alloys well suited to perform in the extreme media. Upon heating Inconel develops an adherent oxide layer to protect its surface from further corrosive attack. 

 Nickel Based Alloys-Incoloy Bars

The high strength Incoloybars withstand high temperature applications where steel and aluminium are prone to creep due to thermally developed crystal cavities. Incoloy bars retain their durability and corrosion resistance at the wide high temperature limits.

 Nickel Based Alloys-Monel  Bars

Monel bars with its high strength and supreme corrosion resistance are fit for marine and industrial applications

 Nickel Based Alloys-Hastelloy  Bars

Hastelloy bars offer good corrosion resistance in the vigorous environment, Such as welded conditions for several chemical process environments. The application industry of these bars include – oil and gas, heat exchanger, pulp and paper, chemical ect.

 Nickel Based Alloys, Precsion Alloys, Special Stainless steel Bars, Titanium Alloy Bars

Other Special Alloy Metails bars in Shape of round, rod, flat, square  are avaible to supply you with good price,fast delivery.We also can produce bars chemistry as per clients requirments. 

Bars & Rods

Inconel / Hastelloy/ Monel/ Haynes 25/ Titanium

Seamless Tube & Welded Tube

Nickel/ Titanium Alloy tubes, U-bend /heat exchange tube

Bolt & Nuts

Inconel 601/ Hastelloy C22/Inconel x750/Inconel 625 ect

Sheet & Plates

Hastelloy/Inconel/ Incoloy/ Cobalt/Tianium

Strip & Foil

Hastelloy/Inconel/ invar/ soft magnetic Alloys/Titanium Alloys ect

High Temperature Springs

Inconel 718/Inconel x750/ Nimonic 80A

Wire & Welding

Cobalt Alloy wire, Nickel alloy wire,Tianium Alloy wire

Flanges & Fasteners

Monel 400/ Hastelloy C276/ Inconel 718/ Titanium

Oil Tube Hanger

Inconel x750/ Inconel 718 /Monel 400 ect

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