3J01 Bar /Strip /Sheet

Product Detail

Common Trade Names:3J1, ЭИ702,36HXTЮ,Ni36CrTiAl

3J01 alloy is an Fe-Ni-Cr austenite precipitation reinforced high elastic alloy.After solid solution treatment, it has good plasticity, low hardness and easy processing and forming.High mechanical and elastic properties were obtained after solid solution or cold strain aging treatment.

3J01 Chemical Composition
Alloy C Mn Si P S Ni Cr Ti Al Fe
3J01 ≤0.05 ≤1.00 ≤0.80 ≤0.020 ≤0.020 34.5-36.5 11.5-13.0 2.70-3.20 1.00-1.80 Ban
3J01 Physical properties after cold working and aging
Resistivity (L2 - m)
 Modulus of elasticity(E/MPa) Shear deformation(G/MPa) Magnetic frequency(K/106)
 400-480  186500-206000 68500-78500 150-250



3J01 Mechanical Properties


Status  Thickness/diameter (mm) Tensile strength σb/MPa Elongation 
As %
annealing  0.20~0.50 ≤981  ≥20
Cold drawn 0.20~3.0 ≥981 -

3J01 Available Products in Sekonic Metals

Inconel 718 bar,inconel 625 bar

3J01 bars & Rods

Round bars/Flat bars/Hex bars, Size From 8.0mm-320mm, Used for bolts,fastners and other spare parts

Sheet & Plate

3J01 sheet & plate

Widths up to 1500mm and lengths up to 6000mm,Thickness from 0.1mm  to 100mm.

inconel strip,invar stirp,kovar stirp

3J01 strip & coil

Soft condition and hard condition with AB bright surface, width up to 1000mm

Why 3J01?

3J01 alloy has the characteristics of high strength, high elastic modulus, small elastic aftereffect and hysteresis, weak magnetism, good corrosion resistance and thermal stability, and can work under higher temperature, greater stress or corrosive media conditions.

3J01 Application field:

Used to manufacture all kinds of aeronautical elastic sensitive elements and parts resistant to nitric acid or other corrosive media, such as film boxes, diaphragms, bellows, transfer rods, baffles and other elastic structures.

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